The Estranged (A Novel)

Chapter 1 She was a slave, an ‘ifon’ in the society, her place was lowly and her fate was ascertain, unknown, just like the rushing river water where she dipped her legs.

‘Abasi di yanga mii’ she hummed a tune she had learnt from her mother who had died when she was very young, before she turned a slave.

It was ‘Atim’ market day and slaves were not to be seen in the village market or any other place where the free born were present, that in itself was an abomination and such a slave was to be sacrificed to the goddess who was being revered on that day.

Afiamma inhaled deeply and let the tears flow freely on her supple cheeks, she was fairest among maidens, her skin blazed like a thousand diamonds and her eyes were twin almonds. Her breasts stood proudly like wine gourds, both were supported by her wide hips, she was truly beautiful, yet still, a slave.

She cried as she recalled the torments she had encountered from her years of slavery, and more to come if nothing was done, but what …